Adoremedia Technologies Policy


The purpose of this policy aims to establish guidelines for maintaining consistent branding and name visibility across all websites and projects developed by Adoremedia Technologies Cc. It ensures that our brand identity remains intact and recognizable to clients emphasizing our commitment to quality and professionalism.
2. Scope:
This policy applies to all completed websites developed by Adoremedia Technologies Cc.
3. Branding Guidelines:
3.1 Company Name: The full name of Adoremedia must be prominently displayed on all websites and projects we designed or developed by us.
3.2 Logo: Our official logo must be placed visibly on each webpage or design. The logo’s dimensions and positioning must adhere to the brand guidelines set by Adoremedia Technologies Cc.
3.3 Color Palette: The designated color palette for Adoremedia Technologies Cc shall be utilized consistently in all designs, web pages, and projects to ensure brand recognition and coherence.
4. Prohibited Actions
 Removal of brand name: It is strictly prohibited to remove or modify Adoremedia Technologies Cc branding, such as logo or name from any project without obtaining explicit written approval from Adoremedia Technologies Cc manager.
5. Exceptions:
Client’s Branding: In cases where a client’s branding guidelines explicitly prohibit the display of Adoremedia Technologies Cc logo or branding elements, exceptions may be made after seeking approval from the management.
6. Branding Review:
A regular review of all websites and projects developed by Adoremedia Technologies Cc must be conducted to ensure compliance with this policy. The marketing or design team will perform audits periodically, and any deviations from the branding guidelines will be addressed promptly.
7. Violations and Corrective Actions:
7.1 Any non-compliance with this policy must be reported to the management immediately.
7.2 The responsible party will be notified of the violation and given an opportunity to rectify the issue promptly.
7.3 Repeated violations may result in disciplinary measures, as per the company’s policies and procedures. It may result in a fine of up to N$ 50 000.
Policy Updates:
We may update this policy at any time based on the company’s requirement. Any updates will be communicated to comply with the revised policy.
By adhering to this policy, Adoremedia Technologies Cc ensures a strong and consistent brand presence across all projects, reinforcing our commitment to excellence and enhancing client trust and recognition.
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